Normally valued at $75 each this pack is great value and has 3 x Meta cell armour purple label creams for all adults and sports enthusiasts, great to stock up , for overseas shipping or to just share its benefits with family & loved ones. 

Madame Magnesium Meta cell armour cream as seen in the Daily Mail editorial and Fairfax Southern Highlands magazine editorial, Better homes and garden magazine editorial , Signature Luxury & travel magazine editorial . 

Madame Magnesium Meta cell armour cream is used by doctors, athletes, mums and dads. 

A regular good bioavailable Topical Magnesium aids the body to relieve: 😬Stress 🛏 😴 Poor sleep 🤕Pain 🦵💪⛷🏋️🏌🏽🧘‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️🏄🚴🏼cramping & achey joints 💆‍♀️headaches/migraines 😢☹️moods & depression 👩‍❤️‍👨 libido

I originally formulated this magnesium cream to help family and loved ones with vaccine heavy metal toxicity and damage, symptoms of vaccination injury, detox,  general health and wellness and malignant cell issues back in 2014.  Meta Cell Armour detox and protect luxury boutique Magnesium Cream is a concentrated organic nourishing cream rich in concentrated magnesium chloride. 

Not drying on the skin, not itchy and no more sting like other magnesium oils and magnesium sprays on the market and organic, 100% natural with no nasty additives. 
This cream is efficiently absorbed, formulated to detoxify, protect and aid the body’s self healing against degenerative cell health and inflammation. Applied topically, bioavailably increasing Magnesium levels, while aiding the body to naturally restore and protect itself to improve gut/bowel/brain wellness and to help the body with pain and inflammation. 

Application:  Apply the concentrated creams to arches of the feet or back of the knees before bed for regular & general absorption /wellbeing or acute achey joints, sore muscles for cramping and pain, or arthritic areas, or to breasts for breast care, to acne, and on skin tags.  

It has been reported that the libido can also enjoy a boost after using this unique formulation. 

The cream can also be applied under the arms as a really efffective deodorant if you forget to apply it at night or to the back of the neck and shoulders for headaches.

See written and video testimonials/reviews on website and Instagram.NB: Instructions are on the jar and see application diagram also on the website. Avoid use if pregnant and see our pregnancy cream. If irritation occurs discontinue use. 50ml

New “variant” magnesium cream to choose from infused with pine needle tea . Notify in the comments section of your order if you wish to have the new “variant” pine needle cream and how many

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Couple + Friend Pack (3x MCA creams)

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