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some written testimonials from Happy
Madame Magnesium Customers
PPPlease see the 35 video testimonials from customers on the Home page


"We have a mutual friend who introduced me to this product not so long ago and as we are both athletes, training most days of the week, it is important to ensure that we top up our magnesium levels.  After every training session, I will apply the Meta Cell Armour Mg soul balm to release any muscle pain.  You only need a tiny bit to make a huge difference.  I also use it for headaches, applying a tiny bit on both sides of the temples and its like magic.  In minutes the pain will ease and often will take away the pain entirely.  As I live in the UK, I was expecting the parcel to take a long time to be delivered and most times goods like this get damaged.  Surprisingly the product was delivered in under 7 days and not damaged at all.  I would highly recommend this product, not only to us athletes, but to everyone out there that believes in organic products that does make a difference.  Trust the product, allow your body to accept it and make sure you use it daily to prevent any magnesium deficiency and live a life without any aches and pains.  Thanks Madame Magnesium for your support.  UK athlete" - As written on Google review by Dolene Paulsen 

"Hi my name is Moses i just wanted to let you know your cream is awesome i have had pain since my car accident and i have only been using it for the last 2 days amazing that's all i can say no pain and i have movement that i never had before thank you so much for making this ......oh yes i forgot i bought it from the market at civic park on Saturday thank you again and for letting me pat your puppy so cute." - Moses, Personal trainer


“I promise you that this cream makes a difference. I have been suffering with a chronic back issue, which almost had me bed ridden once again – long story! Cutting long story short, I started using this cream last week when pain was peaking and now I am the best I have been in months.  True story!  Also using on Dan (15 years old now) cannot wait to see how it makes a difference to his sleep/back pain and health in general.  Not normal practice to share my woes of back pain in public but I wanted to share something special that could make a difference for you, like it has for me, in a major way.  Suzanne F, you would love it!” – Lianna.G (mother and chronic back pain sufferer shared on her FB page)

"Hi my name is Moses i just wanted to let you know your cream is awesome i have had pain since my car accident and i have only been using it for the last 2 days amazing that's all i can say no pain and i have movement that i never had before thank you so much for making this ......oh yes i forgot i bought it from the market at civic park on Saturday thank you again and for letting me pat your puppy so cute." - Moses, Personal trainer

“Magic happened, as I strolled the local organic market, in the form of Madame Magnesium.  Ive been carrying heavy equipment, setting up gigs and playing guitars for 40 years and my upper arms have been aching for a long time.  Tanya talked, I listened, then I purchased a jar of Madame Magnesium Meta cell armour soul cream.  Ive been rubbing the cream into the arches for less than a month and the pains have vanished! Yeehaw! My RSI guitar fingers are coming back to life as well.  Mag magic! – Graeme Davey

“So excited to be using my magnesium creams I won in a FB give away!!  Its already healed some aching little muscles from a tough soccer game yesterday and about to work its magic again tonight!! Thanks Tanya X” Lyn. M (Naturopath)


“My son has high functioning autism…which means daily meltdowns and overwhelm and sensory issues.  We started using Madame Magnesium sleep and happy soul cream as an aid to help detox and within 2 days of starting this cream he stopped having meltdowns….he can focus and think more clearly.  He also is now able to understand his emotions better enabling him to find the words he needs to communicate effectively.  We have been using this cream for just over a month and seen so much of an improvement myself and my family are in shock and awe at his progress!  I would and do suggest this as an aid to detox for all parents with autistic kids! Moves mountains! I now feel hope for my son and we’ve become closer too! Thank you! – Kayla. D”


"Honestly they are MAGIC – they help with sleep disorders, deficiencies, muscle cramps and inflammation.  I have never slept better in my life since I got my first jar and the feedback from friends who I've shared it with has been much the same.  I think most of us would benefit from using it.  Each jar goes a long way too!!!” Ira. K

“I have been using Madame Magnesium creams for 4 years and I feel that it helps me sleep through the night” Christine.O (Mother of three teenage girls)

“I bought your cream 3 days ago and I used it on Saturday and Sunday night and I actually slept really well beoth of the nights, which is a big improvement on the 4 hours I was getting.  I just wanted to let you know they seem to be working.” Johnny.P (Herbalist)

“I love this cream, thank you. I'm applying it to our feet at night.  I find it induces a solid sleep.  Claire.D (mother)

“Sleep and happy" magnesium sleep rub is a staple in our family.  It is the only thing that helps my son sleep.  He has sensory processing disorder and finds it very difficult to shut off at night and have tried everything.  Even the other Magnesium rubs haven't worked like this.  The whole family uses it and I have given countless tubs of it away to friends and family.  It is magic.  Thanks so much.” – Kate. W (RN)

These creams are staples in our family.  They help us all to sleep, to heal and to be happy.  They are good for so many things and we would all be lost without them.  Even my husband, who is the biggest skeptic and is loath to use anything like this, has asked for his own tub.  It helps us to manage our son with sensory processing disorder and it makes a noticeable difference to the entire family.   Thank you!” - Kate. W (RN)

“I have been using Madame Magnesium sleep and happy cream for 4 years and I am 17 years old.  I use this cream most nights and it helps me sleep well and it makes me feel more calm and organised in the morning.” – Sarah.O 


“I love these creams.  I just love them! Particularly the scent.  Magnesium for rubbing into the arches of feet to help sleep.  And the anti ageing Neferti serum.  I'm told I smell like vanilla and chocolate when I put it on.  I adore the feeling of it on my skin, I really do.  There is something very calming about it.  These products give me an inner calm I cant quite put my finger on it.  Well done, lady, for producing these.” – Rebecca. R

"Hi Tanya, just wanted to let you know I've referred a friend to you for some sleep and happy cream for her little 5 yr old boy… expect a phone call….Im still using my Meta cell armour and I love it…..Funniest thing whenever I put it on I put sox over my feet and my puppy goes wild and licks the sold of the socks…..Its so strange…..I wonder which ingredient in it he's attracted to …..what do you think?  I hope you’re happy and well….I’ll order some more end of December. He loves your cream as much as me. “Liza

“Hi Madame Magnesium! Could I please order some more of your sole creams today? Have I missed the subscriber special? Thanks so much. I can’t live without the cream now and my jar is nearly empty! Kind regards, Claire” Claire. D



***(See video testimonials for more)

“Hi Madame magnesium.  Letting u know your magnesium oil/cream is working wonders.  We all love it! Georgie. CB”  (mother of 14 year old boy with crohn's disease)

“Your Sleep and happy cream settles my mind and I drift off to sleep quickly, usually only waking once (instead of 3 times) through the night.  Bliss! Thank you for your wonderful products”



“I cannot get enough of these creams.  Every time I need a gift for someone (any occasion) – it is the first thing that comes to mind.  I have shared it with at least 10 of my nearest and dearest and everybody absolutely LOVES the creams as much as I do.  People are sleeping better, feeling more relaxed when needed & energised when required also due to the quality of rest these creams promote.  Thank you Madame M xx Ira K


“Hello dear MM…..we met at TGM and swapped some slumwear108 for magnesium cream – thank you – I travelled all of last month and was really diligent about using the cream – I really feel it made a difference to my overall well being and I truly noticed a lessening of leg cramps that I always get when travelling.  Thank you so much – and keep going with your intuitive work in the the field of health and well being. Much love. Kim.”

“I am having the same with my back and anxiety the whole family are applying before bed and all report better sleep, has fixed my debilitating leg cramps and stopped a bed wetting problem well done Tanya” – Sarah Starling

“Mum will be thrilled to hear your new batch is made.  Her leg cramps in bed have stopped since she started using your Madame Magnesium creams” – Joanna. G

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