General balm for Kids and teenagers 

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Sleep & Happy magnesium cream - Uniquely activated and concentrated Magnesium Chloride cream, this cream was the original recipe designed as a general Magnesium detox protection for everyone, and especially my children, and/or those children with gut and spectrum issues caused by the uptake of heavy metals caused by vaccines. Completely natural and using only the finest organic ingredients, this uniquely energised balm was formulated to not itch or sting like the other topical magnesium oils, creams and magnesium sprays on the market. Formulated specifically to address and aid heavy metal and toxin issues, growing pains, anxiety related issues, particularly for my children, they are lovingly handmade with all natural ingredients in a base of organic coconut oil. This cream also contains a healing combination of essential oils and other anciently revered ingredients for gut inflammation, heavy metal detox, sleep and general well being. 50ml
Simply rub into the arches of the feet or the back of the knees before bed at night when required. Can also be applied acutely directly to achey muscles or growing pains, or back of the neck and shoulders
See written and video testimonials/reviews.NB: If irritation occurs discontinue use. Avoid use if pregnant. See pregnancy cream.

Kids/Teens Mg balm - Detox, Sleep & Protect Magnesium Cream

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