Meta cell armour cream infused with Pine needle tea for extra protection at this time.


See description of Meta cell armour cream


If you are wishing to re-boot your depleting immune system to deal with the pathogens (natural or synthetically engineered) flying around the world at this time of heightened biofield poisoning then a good bioavailable energetically activated magnesium infused with pine needle applied to certain points on the body (ie arches of feet and pineal)  can add to your arsenal for physical, spriritual and biochemical protection, detox and recovery


About Pine Needle:


Science-based herbalist and doctors know that there is a substance in white pine called Suramin that has the extra benefit of reducing platelet aggregation in the blood, preventing blood clots, vascular problems and heart attack. In addition, it also inhibits inappropriate replication and modification of RNA and DNA. I’ll repeat that. It inhibits inappropriate replication and modification of RNA and DNA. Since this new method of mRNA inoculation is technically still considered to be in the experimental phase of trials until 2023, and since the spike protein from the shot sheds onto the unvaccinated, it is crucial right now to protect the cells from any type of inappropriate genetic modification… whether it be because you got the shot or you happen to have been around someone who did.⠀



Pineal bio protect pine needle magnesium cream