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Madame M’s Infinity Serum- (Not Magnesium) PRICE REDUCTION back to $88 A moisturising anti ageing infinity serum for both Men and Women. This serum is the ultimate travel companion! I developed this for myself because I wanted to make sure I used the most ethical, natural, organic, and most powerful anti ageing formula and cell nourishing product on my skin to preserve youth, elasticity naturally, incorporating ancient revered ingredients traditionally used for and known for their skin and youth restorative and protective qualities. A very rare blend and combination of anciently revered, highly sought after, and difficulty sourced ingredients from around the ancient world are what this serum encompass and it definitely maintains my youthful complexion, protects my physical as well as my spiritual body, my skins elasticity and helps me feel hydrated every day and on the airplane when I travel. I made this serum for myself before travelling nearly 6 years ago and it’s been the only moisturiser I have used since. My Madame M’s Infinity serum was formulated because I couldn’t find any moisturising face and neck serum on the market that I could feel happy to pack when I travel on long flights, or for everyday use , and I wanted to make a powerful regenerative serum to hydrate, restore, protect me on all levels , and to preserve and enhance my cells and my youthful skin naturally and organically daily and also when I was travelling. The serum goes beautifully as a daily moisturiser under natural makeup foundation in the morning, helping it be applied smoothly without that caked on look. It also makes a wonderful evening moisturising serum before bed and the ultimate in travel skin hydration and every day moisturiser. It’s also a wonderfully effective product to apply to wounds, excema, psoriasis and skin rashes Simply apply one or two pump squirts to the hands, run your hands around your whole bodies auric field for daily protection and then apply this directly to the face and neck before applying your natural makeup.

Madame M’s Infinity serum 🚻- Face, neck, hands moisturising serum

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