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Instructions are on the jar and see application diagram also on the website. If irritation occurs discontinue use. Avoid use if pregnant and see our pregnancy cream. Please consult a licensed physician before using our product or if you believe you have a life threatening condition. The information and opinions offered on this page are based upon use of these products as a wellness and or/beauty supplement only. We are not physicians or doctors and we do not offer medical advice concerning magnesium. We recommend you do comprehensive research about magnesium before accepting our opinions or the opinions of anyone else about how to care for your health. These products are not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any disease. Madame Magnesium Pty Ltd do not assume the role of representative, fiduciary or surety on behalf of any person(s) or individual (s) unless expressly agreed in writing. Anyone purchasing off here are believed by us to be responsible adult men and women who have exercised their right to do research and are making an informed decision.  All rights are reserved, without prejudice.

MCA Purple Label cream - I originally formulated this magnesium cream to help family and loved ones with carcinogenic issues with their cells.  Meta Cell Armour detox and protect luxury boutique Magnesium Cream is a concentrated organic and nourishing cream rich in concentrated magnesium chloride. 

They aren’t drying on the skin, they don’t  itch or sting like other magnesium oils and magnesium sprays on the market. They are specifically designed to maximise magnesiums properties to efficiently absorb, detoxify, prevent and protect against degenerative cell health and inflammation, increase Magnesium, while aiding the body to naturally restore and protect gut and bowel wellness and to help the body with pain and inflammation. 

These concentrated uniquely energised and formulated boutique creams can be applied topically and transdermally directly to acute achey joints and sore muscles for cramping and pain, arthritic areas, to breasts for inflammation and breast care, acne, skin tags, but as a general source of magnesium, most nights before bed applied to anciently known cell access points on the body, particularly both arches of the feet, at the most regenerative time while the cells and body replenish, restore and sleep, all while bypassing the already compromised digestive system.  

It has been reported that the libido can also enjoy a mighty boost after using this unique formulation. 

Simply rub into the arches of the feet or the back of the knees before bed at night when required. The cream can also be applied acutely directly to achey muscles or cramps or to the back of the neck and shoulders for headaches.

See written and video testimonials/reviews on website.NB: Instructions are on the jar and see application diagram also on the website. Avoid use if pregnant and see our pregnancy cream. If irritation occurs discontinue use. 50ml

Adults/&Sports Mg balm - Meta Cell Armour Detox, Sleep & Protect Magnesium Cream