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Genzon purifier - Drinking water, as nature intended.


Restore natures water, transform tap water with purified, alkaline drinking water. As nature intended.A Genzon purifier doesn't just filter, it restores mother nature's essential minerals back into your water.



Gravity leads the tap water through the ceramic filter, removing organic & inorganic particles down to 0.2 micron. Harmful bacteria including E.Coli, Giardia & Cryptosporidium.


Genzon mineral stones ensure the water is efficiently absorbed into our blood stream and cells, whilst colloidal silver stones have natural antibacterial properties and act to keep the water in the tank clean and pure.


Start by simply pouring water into the top tank. This could be tap, tank, bore, dam or other fresh water sources (sea water not purified).


Water passes through the multi-layer carbon filter cartridge. The cartridge contains a range of raw materials to effectively remove impurities such as bacteria, heavy metals, chemicals including chlorine and fluoride, pesticides and odours leaving the water softer and improving the taste.


As you pour yourself a refreshing glass of purified alkaline water it is further subjected to a magnetic energy source via the Genzon magnetic tap. The Magnetic tap increases the amount of oxygen in the water, further improving the absorption and increasing the rate of cellular hydration.




State of the art and uniqueily designed by Water scientists to filter toxins and contaminants from drinking water by removing bacteria (including e-coli, giardia, cryptospiridium), chemicals (including chlorine & fluoride), heavy metals, THM's, sediment & particles (down to 0.15 micron).

A balanced range of alkaline minerals is added to the water via deep sea mineral stones and sanitised by specially impregnated silver stones. Silver is a natural anti-bacterial which prevents the formation of algae in the water. A 1200 gauss magnetic field in the tap then ionises the water, this creates a softer, smoother taste which is easier to digest but also re-structures the molecules to re-hydrate more rapidly at a cellular level.

A Genzon Water Purifier is so much more than just a water filter. See below to see how Genzon compares to others on the market.

Genzon Removes99.999% Parasites & Bacteria

99.999% Chlorine

~99.8% Fluoride

99.999% Heavy Metals

99.999% Toxins & Poisons

AddsIonised Minerals

Trace Elements



Many people opt for reverse osmosis water filters but they remove 0% parasites or bacteria, only 95% chlorine, 93.2% fluoride, ~97% heavy metals, 99.999% toxins and poisons and do not alkalise, add ionised minerals or trace elements back into the water, Genzon .


And the commonly bought Brita water filters remove 0% parasites or bacteria, only ~97.44% chlorine, 0% fluoride, ~97% heavy metals, 0% toxins and poisons and do not alkalise, add ionised minerals or trace elements back into the water.


All materials are food grade BPA free and Genzon Water Purifiers are manufactured under strict & ethical guidelines using only the highest quality materials available - shop now to upgrade your water quality today.


No plumbing or electricity is required which makes the unit portable.


Create your own alkaline, mineralised, ionised water for less than 10c per litre.


- Peace of mind - know what you are drinking as you are creating your own pure, alkaline, mineralised water that you are confident has chemicals (chlorine, fluoride), bacteria, heavy metals, THM's, sediment, & particals down to 0.2 micron removed.


- Unlike under -sink filtration, Genzon systems re-mineralise with mined mineral stones, sanitise with silver stones, ionise by a 1200 gauss magnetic field in the tap. There is no wastage of waterin this filtration process, unlike reverse osmosis.

- Alkaline waterfor less than 10c litre, systems parts all BPA free, made in South Korea. Water from any fresh source (tap, tank, bore, stream) can be filtered in the Genzon systems.

Genzon Water purifier

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