Dog gone mag - Mag for dogs ........was born from many of my loyal customers, asking me for a cream for their four legged variety best friend
Just like us, our dogs are also being bombarded with toxins and chemicals from vaccines, medications, food, air and water and they also being blocked from absorbing Mg and they lose and require good levels of transdermal magnesium, lost through stress, pesticides, meds, pollution, toxins.  

Mostly, dogs just really love the cream for stress and anxiety.  I have received quite a few video testimonials from dog lover customers. A few can be read or viewed on my Instagram page.
Apply a very small amount occasionally, (amount depending on the size of the dog) but no more than an 1/8 teaspoon shared between and behind both ears, (vary and play with the amount a little bit till you notice a difference) before leaving home,  to help your dog cope better and feel less anxious while you are away or or at night for sleep.
Help your pooch detox and protect with this luxury boutique Magne