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Media and editorials written about Madame Magnesium products - click on image to expand editorial

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Tanya Hickey’s Madame Magnesium products as reviewed in editorials written by Better Homes & Garden magazine:

"Mother of Invention

Inspired by her children's need for gastrointestinal healing, and with a background in natural health, Chinese Medicine and aromatherapy, Tanya Hickey created Madame Magnesium. It's been called a miracle cream for helping acne, Crohn's, autism, headaches, depression and insomnia, RSI, muscle cramps, thyroid issues, restless legs and more. Visit" Better Homes & Garden magazine

Other editorials written about Madame Magnesium products:

Daily Mail July 2019:

Better Homes and Garden Magazine Dec 2019

3. Signature Luxury travel and style magazine 10th anniversary wellness edition 2019:

Online Signature luxury travel newsletter 2020:

Southern highland magazine Dec 2018

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