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Media and editorials about Madame Magnesium products

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Tanya Hickey’s Madame Magnesium products as reviewed in editorials written by Fairfax Media - Southern Highlands magazine Dec 2018 edition:

"AT BOWRAL markets on the second Saturday of every month, Tanya Hickey set up her stall of trans-dermal magnesium creams, sprays and oils. Within a few short minutes she has an audience and her regular, return customers clamouring for the product.

Everyone wants a healthy life without illness, and Tanya's experience in this field means she has first-hand knowledge on the benefits of magnesium and how it should be absorbed into our bodies.

Magnesium could help to relieve many health problems such as anxiety, sleep, cramping, depression, inflammation, premenstrual and menopausal issues, migraines, energy levels, bone strength and health, diabetes and heart health.

As a teenager Tanya struggled with compromised immune systems, gut issues and intolerances that set her on a path to discover wellness for herself and later her family.

Other products on the market caused irritations and smelt unpleasant. She created her own formula and after a few trials developed a product that has solved a myriad of health problems for her customers. She obtains this earth sourced mineral from the highest commercial grade of organic magnesium chloride. "The unique formula is the culmination of many ancient ingredients and energy medicines that I had been researching, studying and using myself for years," she said.

One of its many functions is to remove toxins from the body. Alcohol and certain processed foods can cause a build up of toxins.

Without the right levels of magnesium some vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D, K, and calcium don't absorb or assimilate in our bodies and this causes health problems. "It addresses the source of the problem. It is the king, the linchpin mineral. It's really important to maintain a good source of trans-dermal magnesium," Tanya said.

"I really love doing the markets and I have made wonderful friends with like-minded entrepreneurs there. It's an incredibly lovely community to be a part of.

Customers send me glowing testimonials or feedback enthusiastically sharing their joy of the benefits of Madame Magnesium creams and how it has changed their lives."

"Id like the business to grow so I can help more people with their health. Magnesium is under-rated!" Tanya Hickey "Madame Magnesium"

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