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Why Transdermal Over Oral Powders & Tablets?

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

While we can source some magnesium from our organic wholefoods, various things such as pesticides, herbicides and genetically modified processes have robbed us generationally and depleted our whole foods and our soils of their natural nutrient stores.

Studies show that taking Magnesium orally can have a laxative and a compromising effect on the digestive system and studies have shown that absorption rates are much lower when Magnesium is administered by mouth, particularly if a leaky gut is already an issue. Many adults and children have gastrointestinal and bowel issues, especially children and adults on the autism spectrum. Magnesium is a key component required to detox and aid the body to recover gut health. Hospitals routinely give magnesium intravenously (bypassing the digestive system). Madame Magnesium has many RN’s and naturopaths, doctors and chiropractors, osteopaths, holistic dentists, who personally use, share and love these uniquely limited boutique luxury creams.

Natural Magnesium that Smells Divine, No Itching or Stinging

Enter Madame Magnesium creams, concentrated foot and body balms that don’t require to be applied everywhere, formulated specifically not to itch or sting, and are a nourishing blend of concentrated magnesium chloride, formulated with anciently revered essential oils, known for their anti-inflammatory and cell restorative properties, a secret blend of natural ingredients individually and collaboratively renowned for their detoxifying and protective effects. The collaborative ingredients are carried efficiently by nutrient-rich carrier oils, via anciently known cell access points in our bodies directly to the cells.

Why are we so Magnesium Deficient?

No wonder more than 90% of us are deficient in Magnesium. From our pesticide and herbicide depleted soils and nutrient depleted foods, to excess sugar, alcohol, fluoridated and medicated water and toothpastes, medications, alcohol and stress - all of these dangerously either rob, block or decrease the levels of Magnesium in our bodies, responsible for more than 300 functions in our bodies.

Madame Magnesium foot and body balms have been uniquely and specifically formulated to aid the body's innate self-healing system to combat the effects of inflammation, restore balance, reenergize, reinvigorate and detoxify.

Magnesium for Detox of Toxins

Magnesium is also necessary for the enzymes that manage DNA repair and replication, detoxification and normal mitochondrial function. Without the Mg mineral in the cells and mitochondria, the body would be unable to properly protect itself or detoxify accumulated toxins, and the skin and body would also be subject to a variety of harmful free radical damage, harmful foreign pathogens causing what they incorrectly term “auto immune’ disease and inflammation that ultimately leads to low levels of vitamin D, many health issues, and immune issues, causing brain, gut organ and bowel dis -ease, wrinkling and skin issues.

Amongst over 300 functions in our body, Magnesium helps to support our adrenal system and function. When under stress and when cortisol is present, our kidneys release magnesium, suppressing the effects of the cortisol hormone. By increasing your magnesium intake transdermally, you avoid further stress to your gut and bowels, target the cells, and your body is better able to efficiently absorb the magnesium, there fore manage energy levels, anxiety and stress more effectively, ultimately helping to detox toxins from the gut and bowel via the cells, and clear the skin of acne.

Just a few benefits of bio-available Magnesium include:

Better sleep

Better skin

Less stress and feelings of anxiety

Helps with depression

Aids detoxification

Nervous system & gut health

Migraine headaches

Muscles & nerve function (inflammation)

Symptoms of menstruation

Cramps, restless leg & PMS nervous tension

Energy production (mitochondria health)

Healthy glucose metabolism

Pregnancy health

Travel sickness

Cardiovascular health

Maintenance of normal blood pressure

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