How to apply Madame Magnesium

Madame Magnesium creams are uniquely activated trans-dermal magnesium balms. Designed to aid the body to efficiently absorb magnesium through the skin via identified cell access points in the body, our soul balms are carried via nourishing and healing carrier oils; bypassing the gastrointestinal tract, liver system and digestive system for convenient, rapid absorption to where your body needs it most.

General Daily Use

Unlike other itchy or stinging oils and sprays on the market, our Madame magnesium trans-dermal sole creams are formulated to nourish your skin.

Madame Magnesium soul balms are specifically and uniquely formulated to be nourishing and extremely bio-available.

They should be kept next to the bed and applied topically at night just before bedtime, as recommended.   

Meta Cell Armour Balm for adults/athletes:

Simply rub up to 1/4-1/2 teaspoon into the arches on the soles of the feet at night - any residual cream left on the hands can be rubbed into an achey sore joints, muscles or arthritic, cramping areas.

If you forget to apply before bedtime, the Meta cell armour  balm can also be rubbed into other cell access points mentioned below; the breasts for preventative breast care,  under the arms as a deodorant, or dabbed onto sun spots or the back of the neck and shoulders  for headaches/migraines. 

*Best not exceed 1/2 teaspoon in 24 hrs.

Sleep & Happy Soul Balm for children 4 years+ :

1/8 - 1/4 teaspoon into the arches or tops of feet at night and other cell access points mentioned below before bedtime.

Any residual on the hands can be rubbed on to the third eye point in the middle of the forehead.

Particularly recommended for children on the autism spectrum or with ADHD of ADD.

Due to our natural formulation and the non use of toxic emulsifiers, consistancy may change with the weather.  In summer, shake well before opening. In winter, if slight separation occurs simply remove with spoon as normal and emulsify in the hand before applying. 

  • Back pain/Cramping

The cream can be rubbed into leg/foot to ease and prevent leg and foot cramps.

Mix recommended amount with a few teaspoons of almond or coconut oil to use as a back massage oil.

  • For headaches/migraines

A pea-sized amount rubbed into the base of the skull and the back of the neck can aid the body to help relieve tension.

  • Sore or achey muscles & joints

Massage into bone fractures or lower back to relax injured/sore back muscles or directly into achey joint/arthritic area.

  • Sea sickness and airline travel

Use as recommended on arches of the feet before bedtime.

* As with any natural product containing coconut oil and beeswax, the temperature will affect the texture.

Cold will make it firmer and heat will make it softer. In hot weather, please ensure you shake well before opening. 

Note, none of this change of weather damages the effectiveness of the Magnesium.