These concentrated luxury Magnesium balms are lovingly & traditionally made by Tanya using only the very very finest sourced organic ingredients and ancient wisdom.  Please click on  the testimonials page to read and hear very down to earth reviews from sponsored athletes, sports enthusiasts, personal trainers, health practitioners, mums and dads and children who use these extremely unique balms

Our Story

This range of uniquely activated transdermal Mg creams was developed in 2014, combining my background in natural health, traditional Chinese medicine, Aromatherapy and Esoteric healing, and out of necessity from wanting to help heal my children and help  me and my loved ones to detox heavy metals and accumulated toxins and bioavailably rebuild our levels of magnesium while restoring cell health.

To create this range of products I combined my deep passion, study and understanding of prevention, real health and wellness, ancient traditional healing practices and the urgent and essential need to increase magnesium levels in myself, my own family and our friends and to detox with mother nature's organic wholefood nourishing botanicals, minerals and organic nutrition.

I originally made these for my children as my children didn’t like the smell or the itchiness & sting of the other transdermal oils on the market and I also felt they weren’t substantial enough for the deficiency and detox problems we are all encountering  and our susceptible children’s bodies are expressing and tackling each day.  I knew orally taken Magnesium wasn’t absorbed efficiently, and exacerbated an already compromised digestive system, so after a few years of very unique formulation, and with some tweaking, they are a rich, nourishing transdermal magnesium soul balm that the children adore as much as the adults.

Our Products

Every jar is uniquely and lovingly infused with specifically intentioned energy medicine and they are all made with bucket loads of ancient wisdom and passion, loved by both children and adults.

Madame Magnesium balms are particularly good for those who are skin sensitive.

No testing on animals, just my children and loved ones.


How it works

Magnesium is the King mineral, the linchpin mineral for many others to assimilate and function properly. Magnesium is responsible for over 300 functions in our bodies. A good topically applied transdermal magnesium is much more bioavailable for the body and less damaging for digestive health,  than orally taken magnesium.  Madame Magnesium balms have been uniquely and specifically formulated to aid the body's innate self healing system to reenergise, reinvigorate and detoxify and to combat the effects of inflammation 

Just some benefits of bioavailable magnesium:

  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Detoxification of toxins
  • Nervous System & gut health (anxiety/depression)
  • Migraine headaches Muscle & Nerve function (inflammation)
  • Menstrual Symptoms
  • Cramps, restless leg & PMS Nervous tension
  • Energy Production (mitachondria health)
  • Healthy glucose metabolism
  • Healthy pregnancy
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Maintenance of normal blood pressure