About Madame Magnesium

This unique range of activated trans-dermal Magnesium creams was developed in 2013 by Tanya Hickey,
aka 'Madame Magnesium'.


Combining her background in natural health, traditional Chinese medicine, Aromatherapy and Esoteric Healing, Tanya created her powerful range organically out of deep passion, an understanding of real health and prevention, and using Mother Nature's organic wholefood nourishing botanicals, minerals and organic nutrition.

Madame Magnesium's foot and body balms aids the body to detox heavy metals, accumulated toxins and bio-availably, while simultaneously rebuilding the levels of Magnesium required by the body for restoring cellular health and well-being.

Inspired by her children who required higher Magnesium and who didn’t like the smell, itchiness and sting of the available trans-dermal oils and creams on the market, Tanya further researched only to find the remedies weren’t substantial enough for the deficiency and detox problems being encountered across the board.

After a few years of trial and error, she perfected her very unique formulation of Madame Magnesium, creating her rich, nourishing trans-dermal Magnesium 'soul balm' that her children happen to love just as much as her adult clients.