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Magnesium Creams & Oils

No itch, no sting, nourishing, uniquely applied

Boutique Luxury Foot and Body Magnesium Creams

handmade from 100% natural & organic ingredients

Madame Magnesium's foot and body balms are unique and boutique in their production.  Transdermal magnesium aids the body to detox heavy metals, accumulated toxins and bio-availably, while simultaneously rebuilding the levels of Magnesium required by the body for restoring cellular health and well-being.


Studies show that taking Magnesium orally can have a laxative and a compromising effect on the digestive system and studies have shown that absorption rates are much lower when Magnesium is administered by mouth, particularly if a leaky gut is already an issue.

Enter Madame Magnesium creams, concentrated foot and body balms formulated specifically not to itch or sting.  A nourishing blend of concentrated magnesium chloride, Madame Magnesium creams are formulated with anciently revered essential oils and botanicals known for their anti-inflammatory and cell restorative properties, along with a secret blend of natural ingredients individually and collaboratively renowned for their detoxifying and protective effects.

The collaborative ingredients are carried efficiently by nutrient-rich carrier oils, via anciently known cell access points in our bodies directly to the cells.

About Us

Combining her background in natural health, traditional Chinese medicine, Aromatherapy and Esoteric Healing, Tanya Hickey created her powerful range organically out of deep passion, an understanding of real health and prevention, Master level energy medicine and using Mother Nature's finest organic magnesium, nourishing botanicals, minerals and organic nutrition.

Inspired by her own healing and her children who required gastrointestinal healing and required higher Magnesium, yet didn’t like the smell, itchiness and sting of the other available trans-dermal magnesium oils and magnesium creams on the market, Tanya further researched only to find these remedies weren’t substantial enough for the deficiency and detox problems being encountered across the board by many adults and children.

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Madame Magnesium creams are uniquely activated trans-dermal magnesium balms. Designed to aid the body to efficiently absorb magnesium through the skin via identified cell access points in the body, our soul balms are carried via nourishing and healing carrier oils; bypassing the gastrointestinal tract, liver system and digestive system for convenient, rapid absorption to where your body needs it most without the itching, dryness or stinging. Best applied before bed, to the arches or tops of both feet, back of the knees, directly on the belly button, armpits, breasts or inside elbows or directly on aching joints/muscles/arthritic areas, or the back of the neck and shoulders for migraines


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