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Magnesium Creams & Oils

No itch, no sting, nourishing, uniquely applied

Boutique Luxury Foot and Body Magnesium Creams

handmade from 100% natural & organic ingredients

Madame Magnesium's foot and body balms are unique and boutique in their production.  Transdermal magnesium aids the body to detox heavy metals, accumulated toxins and bio-availably, while simultaneously rebuilding the levels of Magnesium required by the body for restoring cellular health and well-being.


Studies show that taking Magnesium orally can have a laxative and a compromising effect on the digestive system and studies have shown that absorption rates are much lower when Magnesium is administered by mouth, particularly if a leaky gut is already an issue.

Enter Madame Magnesium creams, concentrated foot and body balms formulated specifically not to itch or sting.  A nourishing blend of concentrated magnesium chloride, Madame Magnesium creams are formulated with anciently revered essential oils and botanicals known for their anti-inflammatory and cell restorative properties, along with a secret blend of natural ingredients individually and collaboratively renowned for their detoxifying and protective effects.

The collaborative ingredients are carried efficiently by nutrient-rich carrier oils, via anciently known cell access points in our bodies directly to the cells.